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Premium Vehicle Storage

Pull-through units with spacious parking lots allow for the most convenient way to park and access your RV, trailer, boat, or vehicle at any time.


About us.

BigRigs Hotel is proud to deliver the most convenient and safe RV storage units in the Midwest region.


We believe that one of the most important parts of life is the adventure. So our mission is to keep your property safe and in good condition when the seasons change.

Plenty of Room

We understand that you need to be able to comfortably store all the necessities. So we made sure that our storage areas were big enough.


13'x50'= 650 sqft

The large size of the space allows for a tenant to store accompany items such as golf carts, RV's, motorcycles, and even small cars at the same place for only one price.



You want your RV to be properly protected but also very easily accessible. Large driveways and turning areas allow for ease of entry/exit and most Big Rig units are pull-through with TWO DOORS, which is the easiest and most convenient way to store and access your vehicle. 

Want to learn more about how it works? Check out our facility instructor to see all the ins and outs of how your RV would be stored! 

Big Rig Hotel Benefits

Quality units for vehicles, trailers, boats, and RV's. Providing flexible options and 24/7 access.


Protection from freezing/thawing, ice, snow, hail, sun, wind, dust, fading & striking.




Every unit has access to electric for battery charge.




Large driveway spaces and pull through units allow for the most convenient way to enter and exit a storage unit.


Easy Access


Award Winning

Big Rigs Hotels offer award winning storage for motor coaches, large 5th wheel trailers, and boats at two different locations. It is a family-owned business built by large RV owners who understand the necessity of large driveways for entry and exit and the need to leave and return at your convenience. Most units have a 12’ x 14’ door on each end being pull through. All units are 13’ wide and 50’ long. This unique RV storage is offered for only $3.33/sqft per year. Our units offer protection against freezing, thawing, ice, snow, hail, sun, wind, dust, birds, mice, pests, and vandalism. But most of all, protect the value and appreciation of your RV!

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